About Us

We are a family owned company and our priority is to bring awareness to the world of the most exotic, delicious, nutritious fruit in the world, the Mexican pitaya. We are the pioneers in bringing to the continental USA the Fresh Pitaya and 100% natural made products derived from it.  We pride ourselves in delivering directly from the farm to your family while maintaining the rural and exotic character of pitaya.
This crown Jewel from Mexico is finally here. Please be a part of this experience and directly and positively impact the pitaya producing regions of Mexico and the millenary friendly faces that produce it. Part of your purchasing dollars will be donated to a chosen school or medical institution from those specific areas.


Humble adobe and clay roof tile houses line cobbled stone streets. There are old men with old sandals and straw hats and women with shawls planting flowers in tin cans. There is a constant cozy smell of a wood burning stove and many happy little faces with ripped pants and shoes.


The beating sun is constantly shining with the exception of a small cloud that for brief moments gave us little relief from the heat. It is a vague sign that the rains would arrive soon to soak the dirt of earth where we made our living. That was the town where we lived and these are our memories.

-“It’s hot Papa Tomas! Are there any pitayas yet?”
-“I think so mijo; let’s go find out ‘al corral’”.
-“Can you cut me one?”
-“Of course!”
-“Look over there at that bird! It’s eating one!”
– “Yes, that bird is very shrewd. He is also thirsty and he has good taste. I don’t blame him.”
– “That purple pitaya is looking good. Here are some whites and yellow ones too! Which do you prefer papa Tomas?”
– “I really like the red mameys. Your great grandparents selected and cultivated this plant. It is the best so I planted several arms of it. All these plants and those over there by the chickens, they are all mamey.”
-“And where did they get these pitaya plants papa Tomas? “
-“Only God knows mijo. Maybe their parents gave them the plant or maybe they found the mother plant in the mountains and brought it back to reproduce it. Remember, when you grow up and you bring plants from here to make your own garden remember, they are the best the town, no the entire region has to offer. These are the most procured pitayas mijo. Pay attention mijo and listen carefully. One day when you are grown up you will send them north to United States.”
-“And what if no one likes them?”
-“No mijo these won’t fail not these, these will go “pal Norte’ with a visa!!”

To bring them to the United States was the vision of Don Tomas and this is now my mission